Why Can't We Talk? Working Together to Bridge the Communications Gap to Save Lives: A Guide for Public Officials   [open pdf - 2MB]

This guide "was developed as a result of the ongoing dialogue among State and local elected and appointed officials and public safety officials. []This guide is designed to provide public officials with easy-to comprehend information on interoperability. 'Why Cant Public Safety Agencies Talk?,' discusses the definition of interoperability, the importance of interoperability to public officials, and the role public officials play in interoperability. 'Five Key Reasons Why Public Safety Agencies Cant Talk,' discusses the barriers to interoperability"incompatible and aging communications equipment, limited and fragmented planning and funding, a lack of coordination and cooperation, and limited and fragmented radio communications spectrum. 'Are You Prepared?', discusses evaluation and assessment of public safety radio communication systems and financial resources and provides interim technology strategies to achieve interoperability. 'How Can You Achieve Interoperability?', discusses planning for interoperability, and the role of Elected and Appointed Officials in the planning process. 'Governance Structures for Improving Interoperability', discusses what a Governance Structure is and why it is necessary, examples of mechanisms for creating governance structures and the key element of leadership. 'Funding Strategies for Achieving Interoperability', discusses developing a funding strategy, cost-cutting measures, presenting a case, presenting the case for funding interoperability and financing methods. 'Why Radio Spectrum Matters to You', provides a historical perspective of spectrum, a discussion of the additional spectrum that has been allocated but not yet made available to public safety, and technologies that can increase the efficient use of spectrum."

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