Policing Mass Transit: Serving a Unique Community   [open pdf - 37KB]

"Law enforcement agencies can work with transit authorities to improve the security and perceived safety of mass transit systems. Policing mass transit systems presents distinct challenges to law enforcement. At the same time, though, it enables agencies to send a clear, high-impact message that community-based policing extends to communities distinguished not only by geographical boundaries but also by shared needs. To fully integrate transportation security into a police agency's overall crime reduction strategy, administrators must remember that mass transit riders make up a special community based on a mode of transportation as opposed to a location. The primary goal of policing mass transit is twofold-to enhance transit system safety and to reduce the fear of crime on transit systems. When riders perceive a transit system as unsafe, they will not use it, no matter what claims statisticians or civic leaders make to the contrary. [...]. Fortunately, the police can pursue specific policies to counteract such sentiments and to enhance the public's attitude toward safety in the mass transit environment. The first step is to develop a reliable and practical standard to measure the success or failure of current and future security efforts."

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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin: http://www.fbi.gov/publications/leb/leb.htm
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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (January 1997), v.66 no.1
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