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"The CalGang Executive Board (CEB) and the California Gang Node Advisory Committee (CGNAC) oversee the operations of the CalGang System, and participating law enforcement agencies' access, in an effort to provide an accurate, timely, and electronically generated database of statewide gang related intelligence information. The CalGang system is a State of California funded, Local Law Enforcement maintained and controlled Criminal Intelligence System that targets specifically Members and Criminal Associates of Criminal Street Gangs. The CalGang system operates pursuant to the United States Code of Federal Regulations, title 28, section 23 (28CFR23), ad seq. as a Criminal Intelligence System. Calgang is a, wide area, low cost, easy to use, securely networked, relational, intelligence database, targeting specifically members of criminal street gangs, tracking their descriptions, tattoos, criminal associates, locations, vehicles, fi's, criminal histories and activities."

California Office of the Attorney General
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