National Weather Service: TsunamiReady Program   [open html - 23KB]

"TsunamiReady is a voluntary community recognition program that promotes tsunami hazard preparedness as an active collaboration among federal, state/territorial and local emergency management agencies, community leaders and the public. The main goal of the program is to improve public safety before, during and after tsunami emergencies. It aims to do this by establishing guidelines for a standard level of capability to mitigate, prepare for and respond to tsunamis and working with communities to help them meet the guidelines and ultimately become recognized as TsunamiReady by the NWS. Although tsunamis cannot be prevented, becoming TsunamiReady can help communities minimize their losses. Other incentives to becoming TsunamiReady include: Access to technical support from the NWS and NTHMP partners; Eligibility for credit points from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Community Rating System, which provides discounts on flood insurance in participating communities; Justification for costs associated with tsunami preparedness; Improved positioning to receive state/territorial and federal financial support; and Improved preparedness for other hazards. "

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