Public Safety Wireless Network: Digital Land Mobile Radio (DLMR) Security Guidelines Recommendations   [open pdf - 207KB]

"This document, presented by the Public Safety Wireless Network (PSWN) program, identifies recommended system security guidelines, including industry best security practices. Local, state, and federal public safety agencies may apply these system security guidelines to the design, implementation, and operation of their digital land mobile radio (DLMR) systems. Implementation of these guidelines, if followed, should improve overall system security among current and developing public safety DLMR systems. The guidelines contained in this document are applicable to planned and operational public safety DLMR systems. They address areas of administrative security, physical security, computer security (COMPUSEC), communications security (COMSEC) as they relate to DLMR systems. These security guidelines have been extracted or derived from a variety of sources including Federal Government security requirements and industry best security practices. This document is organized as follows: Section 1, Introduction: provides background, purpose, scope, and document layout; Section 2, Security Guidelines Identification Approach: describes steps taken to identify security guidelines; Section 3, Security Guidelines Organization: describes processes used to organize security guidelines; Appendix A: Reference List of Security Guidelines Sources; Appendix B: Administrative Security Guidelines; Appendix C: Physical Security Guidelines; Appendix D: Computer Security (COMPUSEC) Guidelines; and Appendix E: Communications Security (COMSEC) Guidelines."

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