Strengthening Hospital Surge Capacity in the Event of Explosive or Chemical Terrorist Attacks   [open pdf - 798KB]

"Medical Care is a Public Trust. Americans expect that hospitals and healthcare providers will be available and prepared to care for their every medical need. Yet the medical community is severely challenged daily to care for the influx of patients to its Emergency Departments with current resources. Healthcare is ill-prepared to meet community needs in the event of a mass casualty event from a terrorist attack using weapons of mass destruction. This research explores the premise that clinicians have skills either current or remote that can be renewed and enhanced to provide an immediate life-saving response team in the event of explosive or chemical events. The research identified that the medical community has the building blocks available awaiting the guidance, organization and direction to orient them into a disaster medical capability that will improve preparedness and response. This thesis proposes a strategy to leverage the clinician personnel assets already in place to improve preparedness. A transformational approach is necessary to insure healthcare preparedness. Government planners must understand the challenges and current limitations of emergency medical response and partner with the healthcare to enhance preparedness. The United States medical community must understand the realities of terrorism and war at home."

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