Joint Doctrine for Command and Control Warfare (C2W)   [open pdf - 758KB]

"This publication concentrates on command and control warfare (C2W) and is not intended to present comprehensive doctrine for the broader concept of information warfare (IW). It introduces and defines IW in general terms with the objective of clarifying its overarching relationship to C2W. The scope of C2W is defined in the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum of Policy 30, but the full dimensions of IW policy and its implementation are still emerging. This publication provides guidelines for integrating C2W into joint military operations and exercises by addressing the following doctrinal areas: C2W, a warfighting application of IW; Joint C2W organization; The elements of C2W; Intelligence support to C2W; C2W planning; C2W training and exercises; and C2W in multinational operations. While C2W has applications at the strategic and tactical levels of combat, this publication focuses on C2W as a part of military strategy for planning or conducting combat at the operational level. The operational level is the level at which campaigns and major operations are planned, conducted, and sustained to accomplish strategic objectives within specific theaters or areas of operations."

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Joint Pub 3-13.1
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