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Alternate Title: CIA Records Search Tool

"CIA has maintained a program operating out of the CIA Declassification Center to review records under the purview of EO 12958, as amended, before they reach their automatic declassification deadline. CIA has deployed an electronic full-text searchable system it has named CREST (the CIA Records Search Tool), which has been operational since 2000 and is located at NARA II in College Park Maryland. [...] On this Agency site, researchers can now use an on-line CREST Finding Aid to research the availability of CIA documents declassified and loaded onto CREST through 2008. Data for the remaining years up to the present (CREST deliveries have been ongoing) will be placed on this site at later dates. As indicated in the '25-Year Released Documents Search' page below, researchers can search by the title and date, or date span, of documents. [...]. Following a successful search, the resulting document metadata will appear on a separate page. In addition to the title and date, the metadata will include the 'ESDN number' (see below), the number of pages, the original classification, document type, and the release decision. The ESDN number is the internal Agency tracking number which should be used when submitting a FOIA request. The original classification is indicated by the letters T (Top Secret), S (Secret), C (Confidential), U (Unclassified), and K for unknown or unmarked. The release decision of the document is either RIF (released in full) or RIP (released in part)."

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