Vice President Biden Visits Serious Materials Chicago Window Factory: Plant Reopening Thanks to Recovery Act Investments in Weatherization and Energy Efficiency [April 27, 2009]   [open pdf - 84KB]

"Vice President Joe Biden today [April 27, 2009] visited Serious Materials Chicago, a window factory that is reopening thanks to increased demand for energy-saving building products as a result of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act investments in weatherization and energy programs and energy efficiency tax credits. Joining him for the visit were United States Senators Dick Durbin and Roland Burris, Mayor Richard Daley and Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials [...]The factory, which previously housed Republic Windows and Doors, closed in December 2008 when the company declared bankruptcy, leaving over 260 union workers unemployed without warning. In February 2009, Serious Materials acquired the assets of the factory, and in early March -- just days after the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was signed into law -- the company announced its intention to reopen the factory and rehire the employees to meet demand under the Recovery Act."

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