U.S. Treasury Department 100 Days Progress Report   [open pdf - 293KB]

"From the beginning of [the Obama] Administration, we have confronted extraordinary challenges: a severe recession here and around the world; a catastrophic loss of trust and confidence in our financial system; unprecedented foreclosure rates; small businesses struggling to stay afloat; millions of Americans worried about losing their jobs and their savings; and a deep uncertainty about what tomorrow holds. The current economic challenges that the United States faces requires bold and comprehensive action. Treasury has responded to these challenges with a number of programs and initiatives to reignite growth, restore our financial system, and strengthen the economy. Historically, the Treasury Department has affected Americans in their daily lives in many different ways it collects the taxes that build the roads, funds health care programs and protects our security. But under this Administration and during these crucial times, Treasury is helping individuals and families in even more immediate ways. With meaningful tax credits putting money back into hardworking Americans' pockets, strong leadership in the global economic crisis and new comprehensive programs that help stabilize the economy, implementation of financial regulatory reform, and Treasury's work with agencies across the government on issues like mortgage foreclosure prevention--Treasury is acting to address all facets of this complicated economic crisis. While there is still more work to be done, Treasury has accomplished more in these first weeks than many countries accomplish in years, and we will cont unprecedented pace to restore balance and growth to our economy."

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