Time Critical Conventional Strike from Strategic Standoff   [open pdf - 744KB]

"As requested in the Terms of Reference (TOR) the Task Force was asked to evaluate a complete range of time-critical conventional strike options within several realistic scenarios. The Task Force tried to explore and illuminate various attributes associated with the different means of accomplishing a time-critical conventional strike from strategic standoff capability. The TOR pinpointed four parameters of interest to focus on: target set, accuracy, basing, and kill mechanism. In addition, the Task Force was asked to assess each alternative strike capability using four principal measures of effectiveness and issue specific recommendations for preferred approaches based on specific dominate requirements. The final report addresses each tasking in the Terms of Reference and offers findings and recommendations derived from a scenario-based analysis. The findings and recommendations include both strike options as well as key enablers that must be effective if a time critical strike from strategic standoff is to be successful. Recommendations are provided in the areas of ISR; planning and exercising; munitions; hardened underground facility defeat; SOF; dynamic fire control; air-breathing delivery vehicles; integration and exercising of combined operations C3I."

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