Office of the Director of National Intelligence: National Counterproliferation Center   [open html - 28KB]

"The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is among the top national security challenges facing America today. The National Counterproliferation Center-the ODNI's mission manager for countering that spread-is pleased to unveil its website aimed at providing a better understanding of the threat, as well as an explanation of how the Center is leading and integrating the Intelligence Community's work against it. […] NCPC works with the Intelligence Community to identify critical holes in our WMD knowledge-resulting from shortfalls in collection, analysis or exploitation-and then develop solutions to reduce or close these gaps. In conjunction with the policy community, NCPC also helps to identify long-term proliferation threats and requirements, and develops strategies to ensure that the Intelligence Community is positioned to address these over-the-horizon threats. To do this, NCPC depends not only on the 16 agencies of the Intelligence Community, but also partners across the US Government, in addition to experts in the private sector. Under NCPC leadership, the Intelligence Community is working to eliminate critical gaps on our highest priority WMD targets. We are making progress by developing and putting in place integrated strategies that promote greater dialogue among analysts, collectors, and operators across the Intelligence Community. NCPC has also put in place processes for regularly assessing efforts and outcomes. For the first time, the Intelligence Community is able to provide consumers with an aggregate picture of how it is doing against priority gaps."

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