Security Awareness Overseas: An Overview   [open pdf - 336KB]

We gain a great sense of security and self confidence knowing we are prepared for potential crises. This booklet provides assistance in preparing us to face those emergencies we may encounter while living or traveling overseas. Many potential overseas crises may be eased or averted by taking the time to read and study the information that follows. Cultural misunderstandings and inadequate local support services often make crises abroad more intense than similar situations in the United States. Overseas, we must assume greater responsibility for our own safety. A rapidly changing political world has not lessened the attention one should pay to personal security when overseas. Natural disasters will continue, as will acts of terrorism. Indeed, one might expect increased incidents of civil unrest, some directed against Americans, as political situations remain unresolved. The guidelines which follow are suggested to assist American companies and their personnel abroad in planning to meet their individual needs and circumstances. Topics include: Preparing to travel; in transit; terrorism; overseas crisis planning; helping children adjust; security for children; evacuation; residential fire safety; and community participation in security. Although this booklet contains many tips for successful travel and residence abroad, it is by no means all inclusive. Additional information is available from a variety of sources, ranging from travel brochures, magazines, and books, to conversations with persons who have lived or traveled to your assigned country. You can never know too much about what you're getting into. Prior organization and preparation will significantly reduce your anxieties, lessen the shock of adjustment, and enable you to settle in with relative ease to a safe and enjoyable experience abroad.

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