Educating International Security Practitioners: Preparing to Face the Demands of the 21st Century International Security Environment   [open pdf - 748KB]

"The contributors to this book who were teaching and conducting research at military institutions saw a requirement for more and better security and strategy education for senior leaders following the end of the Cold War. They also saw a general national decline in emphasis and resources outside DoD, and a new operational focus within DoD that threatened the delivery of that improved strategic focus. And they shared a vision of how their various levels and programs could come together to advance the continuing development of strategic leaders for the Army and the Air Force. They added a civilian perspective to expand the focus to strategic practitioners generally. This book contains the results of their reflection and analysis. The authors examine, albeit generally, the challenges of the 21st century international security environment to which future strategic leaders and policy practitioners will need to respond. More specifically, they offer the reader insights into security studies and leadership development at their respective levels (military undergraduate, civilian undergraduate, traditional and nontraditional graduate, and senior military officer) and institutions (including research centers and professional outreach programs). The goal is to inform a broader audience about what is currently being done to educate strategic practitioners at these various institutions, and what might need to be done differently or better." Contributors include James M. Smith, Daniel J. Kaufman, Robert H. "Robin" Dorff, Linda P. Brady, and James M. Smith.

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