Remarks by Secretary Napolitano at Media Briefing on H1N1 Flu Outbreak [April 27, 2009]   [open pdf - 57KB]

From the remarks of Secretary Napolitano: "This is the second daily briefing, and we will do these on a regular basis as we work our way through these-the swine flu issue, what is happening at the governmental level, and what is happening around the world. First, I would like to inform you that today both the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] and the State Department will be issuing travel alerts related to swine flu and related to travel to Mexico. What those alerts mean is that they encourage individuals to avoid any non-essential travel to Mexico for the time being. You may ask, how long will the alerts be operative? And the answer is, we don't know, because obviously it's related to how much swine flu is being detected. Those alerts are in the process-I think CDC has already posted theirs, and State Department is in the process of posting those travel alerts. Secondly, as President Obama said this morning, swine flu is a cause for concern but not a cause for alarm. We are simply in preparation mode. We do not yet know how widespread this flu will be within the United States, so we continue to move aggressively to prepare."

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