Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning: State and Local Guide (101): Chapter 6, Attachment G: Terrorism   [open pdf - 384KB]

This new guidance, Attachment G, is a supplement to Chapter 6 of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA)State and Local Guide 101 Guide. This supplement aids state and local emergency planners develop and maintain a plan for responding to and recovering from terrorist-initiated incidents involving weapons of mass destruction. The guide discusses hazards, situations and assumptions, operations, organization and assignment of responsibilities, and administration and logistics. The purpose of Attachment G is to aid State and local emergency planners in developing and maintaining a Terrorist Incident Appendix (TIA) to an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for incidents involving terrorist-initiated weapons of mass destruction (WMD).1 The planning guidance in this Attachment was prepared with the assistance of the Departments of Defense, Energy, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Justice, and Veterans Affairs; the Environmental Protection Agency; the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; the National Emergency Management Association; and the International Association of Emergency Managers. State and local governments have primary responsibility in planning for and managing the consequences of a terrorist incident using available resources in the critical hours before Federal assistance can arrive. The information presented in this Attachment should help planners develop a TIA that integrates the Federal, State, and local responses. The TIA resulting from this guidance should supplement existing State and local EOPs. A suggested format for a TIA is shown in Tab A. The TIA should identify and discuss the nature of the WMD hazard(s), the hazard agents, potential targets, and release areas, as described in this document. The entire document "State and Local Guide (SLG) 101: Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning" may be found at: http://www.fema.gov/rrr/gaheop.shtm

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