Federal Emergency Management Agency: Status of Achieving Key Outcomes and Addressing Major Management Challenges, Report to the Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Governmental Affairs, U.S. Senate   [open pdf - 255KB]

In this report, the Government Accounting Office "reviewed the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) fiscal year 2000 performance report and fiscal year 2002 performance plan required by the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA) to assess the agency's progress in achieving selected key outcomes that you identified as important mission areas for the agency. These are the same outcomes we addressed in our June 2000 review of the agency's fiscal year 1999 performance report and fiscal year 2001 performance plan to provide a baseline by which to measure the agency's performance from year to year. These selected key outcomes are to minimize human suffering and property losses after natural disasters, provide timely responses to disaster aid requests, and prevent or reduce harm and losses from future disasters through mitigation efforts. As agreed, using the selected key outcomes for FEMA as a framework, we (1) assessed the progress FEMA has made in achieving these outcomes and the strategies the agency has in place to achieve them and (2) compared FEMA's fiscal year 2000 performance report and fiscal year 2002 performance plan with the agency's prior year performance report and plan for these outcomes. Additionally, we agreed to analyze how FEMA addressed its major management challenges, including the government-wide high-risk areas of strategic human capital management3 and information security that we identified. Appendix I provides detailed information on how FEMA addressed these challenges."

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