Political Violence Against Americans 2008   [open pdf - 11MB]

"Political Violence Against Americans is produced by the Bureau's Directorate of Threat Investigations and Analysis (DS/TIA), in order to provide readers with a comprehensive picture of the spectrum of politically motivated threats and violence that American citizens and interests encounter abroad on an annual basis. Created in May 2008, the Directorate of Threat Investigations and Analysis strives to improve Diplomatic Security's ability to detect and counter threats, and to upgrade the Bureau's capacity to rapidly disseminate threat and security information to our embassies, consulates, and the U.S. private sector. The global threat environment has increased dramatically in recent years. In an effort to advance political and ideological causes, for example, extremist groups and individuals of every stripe now utilize a broad array of methods and venues to terrorize, injure, and kill priority targets, while seeking to foment disturbances and chaos within society more generally. Political Violence Against Americans is a report to the American people that focuses on major incidents of anti-U.S. violence and terrorism, with apparent political motivations, that occurred worldwide during 2008. The U.S. Department of State closely monitors and maintains information on threats to Americans overseas-from terrorism and organized violence, to street crimes and health hazards-and makes this information freely available. It is the policy of the U.S. Government that no double standard shall exist regarding the dissemination of threat information that affects U.S. citizens. Government employees may not benefit unfairly by access to, or possession of privileged information that applies equally to all Americans."

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