Political Violence Against Americans 2000   [open pdf - 959KB]

"'Political Violence Against Americans' is produced by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security's Office of Intelligence and Threat Analysis (DS/DSS/ITA) to provide readers with a comprehensive picture of the broad spectrum of political violence that American citizens and interests have encountered abroad on an annual basis. This publication encompasses major anti-U.S. incidents; how-ever, some incidents have been omitted due to the sensitive nature associated with them. Incidents for this study were selected based upon lethality, substantial property damage, use of unusual tactics or weapons, and perceptibility of targets as U.S. or representative of U.S. interests. The policy of the U.S. Government is that no double standard will exist regarding the dissemination of threat information that may affect U.S. citizens. U.S. Government employees may not benefit from possession of information that may apply equally to the American public, but is not available to them. Government maintains information on threats to Americans overseas-from terrorism, crime or health hazards-and makes this information available to all those affected."

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