Adaptability of Land Forces to 21st Century Security Challenges   [open pdf - 2MB]

"Transforming a nation's military to face 21st century challenges requires recognition of the need for change and then taking action to accomplish that change. Neither component of this two-step process is easy, but adapting the national military culture and equipping the force for full spectrum operations is the hardest part. With this in mind, the 2008 Land Forces Symposium brought together Army commanders or their representatives from 23 countries within the U.S. Central Command region to discuss the Adaptability of Land Forces to 21st Century Security Challenges. Co-hosted by General George W. Casey, Jr., Chief of Staff, U.S. Army, and Lieutenant General James J. Lovelace, Commander, U.S. Army Central, the 2008 Land Forces Symposium (LFS) was conducted April 14-17, 2008, in Stone Mountain, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. This was an opportunity for Army commanders to meet and collaborate on mutual security concerns. The LFS fosters security cooperation by providing a forum for regional exchange of views, cultural understanding, and the establishment and enhancement of personal relationships. To stimulate these exchanges delegates participated in a series of panels addressing 'Sub-regional and Regional Cooperation,' 'Transitioning from War to Peace,' and 'Military Support to National Security and Stability.' These topics were framed within the context of globalization. Each panel opened with a discussion that looked at the issue at large followed by regional presenters focused on national or sub-regional applications."

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2008 Land Forces Symposium. Stone Mountain, Georgia. April 14-17, 2008
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