Improving the Coast Guard Ports, Waterways and Coast Security Outcome Measure   [open pdf - 690KB]

"This thesis examines the Coast Guard Ports, Waterways and Coastal Security (PWCS) Outcome Measure. The first goal was to determine if the current measure accurately reflects Coast Guard mission effectiveness in achieving homeland security. The PWCS Outcome Measure provides information on risk reduction due to threat, vulnerability and consequence management by the Coast Guard with respect to 15 maritime terrorism scenarios. While the current measure provides a good sense of Coast Guard effectiveness in reducing the risk of maritime terrorism, there are a number of areas for potential improvements. This finding led to the second goal of the research, which was to provide recommendations to more accurately assess Coast Guard homeland security mission effectiveness. As a formative evaluation of the PWCS Outcome Measure, the research provides insight into recommendations for improving this measure from several experts both inside and outside the Coast Guard. In addition, it outlines considerations to implement these recommendations. It is critical to optimize the application of limited resources to the issue of maritime terrorism, and this can only occur through accurate measurement of mission effectiveness in preventing terrorism. This study is applicable to the improved assessment of terrorism risk reduction efforts, especially in the maritime environment."

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