Hunting of the Snark: Organizing and Synchronizing of Informational Elements for Homeland Defense and Civil Support   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the thesis abstract: "The tension between Public Affairs (PA) and Information Operations (IO) illustrates the struggle to organize and synchronize informational elements in support of homeland defense and civil support. Public Affairs focuses on credibility by providing factual information in a responsive manner to present a positive image of the organization. Information Operations focuses on proactive operations that use influence to shape the information environment. Public Affairs and IO's purpose is to communicate the command mission and operations. The current informational landscape does not support a cohesive informational strategy. Current doctrine creates a tension between these two elements that centers on credibility. This tension prevents cohesive informational efforts. The principles of war and the nature of the information environment compel a need for an organizing construct and synchronizing force for effectiveness. This study examines policy and doctrine to understand the nature of the information environment, PA, IO and Strategic Communication (SC). The study examines an optimal organizational strategy using the Star Model that provides the organizing construct and the required synchronizing force. The outcome of this research is a set of policy and doctrine recommendations that will support optimal organization and synchronization of information elements to communicate effectively for the homeland."

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