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Alternate Title: TSA: Mass Transit

This webpage of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provides information about TSA's efforts to improve mass transit and passenger rail security. "Mass transit systems provide over 9.6 billion passenger trips per year. The U.S. mass transportation fleet is comprised of 144,000 vehicles, of which 56% are buses. In addition, Amtrak operates a nationwide rail transportation network of 22,000 miles of track, and serves 21 million passengers per year at more than 500 stations. Several mass transit systems often share terminals and other facilities. In general, the smaller transit systems are independently owned and operated. However most agencies are owned and operated by governmental or quasi-governmental organizations. The largest mass transit agencies are located in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, Philadelphia and New Jersey. TSA seeks to advance mass transit and passenger rail security through a comprehensive strategic approach that enhances capabilities to detect, deter, and prevent terrorist attacks and respond to and recover from attacks and security incidents, should they occur. TSA's strategic priorities for mass transit and passenger rail security are: 1.) Focus efforts to mitigate high consequence risk to transit assets and systems, particularly underwater and underground infrastructure; 2.) Expand employment of random, unpredictable deterrence; and 3.) Build security force multipliers with training, drills and exercises, and public awareness."

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