Theater Strategic Appraisal for South America   [open pdf - 865KB]

"U.S. National Security Strategy supports the accomplishment of the following objectives in South America (SA): (1) Deter aggression against our allies and friends in SA in terms of the Rio Treaty; (2) Counter terrorist threats to U.S. citizens and commercial interests in SA short of armed conflict; (3) Prevent, or at least limit, the transfer of militarily critical technologies by Brazil and Argentina, particularly the spread of missile and/or nuclear technology; (4) Reduce the growth and export to the United States of illegal drugs, most notably cocaine, and work with SA governments to combat drug traffickers; (5) maintain access to SA markets and energy/mineral resources; (6) Continue to encourage the development of free-market economies in SA; (7) Achieve cooperative solutions to the environmental challenges of the Amazon Rain Forest, industrial pollution, and exploitation of Antarctica; (8) Establish a more balanced partnership with South American allies, while providing leadership and ensuring hemispheric stability during the transition period; (9) Strengthen the Organization of American States (OAS) to promote diplomatic solutions to regional disputes; (10) Deter regional military powers, such as Brazil, from seeking regional dominance or initiating internecine warfare; (11) Aid in warding off threats to democratic institutions in SA from subversion, insurgencies, military takeover, or lawlessness; and (12) Promote economic development and social/political progress in SA."

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Air University, U.S. Air War College, 92-32714
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