U.S. Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island [website]   [open html - 36KB]

"The Naval War College provides current, rigorous and relevant professional military education (PME) programs supporting the Navy's Professional Military Education Continuum. These PME programs must meet the standards required in law and policy and be accessible to the maximum number of qualified U.S. officers and Navy enlisted personnel, civilian employees of the U.S. Government, and international senior enlisted leaders and officers. The education should foster an active and growing community linked by PME including leadership with professional ethics that furthers global maritime security. The desired effect is a career continuum of PME, including leadership development and professional ethics, which produces a group of leaders of character. These leaders have trust and confidence in each other and are operationally and strategically minded, critical thinkers, proficient in joint matters, and skilled naval and joint warfighters prepared to meet the operational level of war (OLW) and strategic challenges of today and tomorrow. "

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