White Paper: Coast Guard Law Enforcement/Security-- the Way Ahead in the 21st Century   [open pdf - 46KB]

This United States Coast Guard White Paper addresses "our changing Country's security environment has compelled an extraordinary leap in the size and magnitude of Coast Guard law enforcement activities and attendant personnel requirements. [...]. The three focus areas of the Commandant's Direction; Readiness, People, and Stewardship all directly apply. In the interests of 'Stewardship' we must capture synergies available within the new Department. [...].Certification would provide professional development opportunities, and relates directly to the 'People' focus in the Commandant's Direction. ALCOAST 021/03 speaks to the area of 'People and Readiness.' It states, 'In the new Homeland Security environment, the Coast Guard's Law Enforcement requirements have expanded by the creation of new PSUs, MSSTs, the Sea Marshal Program, and other initiatives. These new initiatives, coupled with our ongoing Law Enforcement missions, require us to take a comprehensive look at how we grow and retain our workforce skills in these critical areas.' It is evident that in the new normalcy, to raise the degree of competency in the Law Enforcement arena we must be prepared to reorganize. The mandate is clear, in order to meet the challenge of current and future missions, and comply with current legislation, the Coast Guard must forge ahead with an examination of these critical issues. This paper considers two possible options, (1) the creation of a Maritime Enforcement Rate, and (2) the creation of a Maritime Enforcement Community."

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