Critical Balance: Individual Rights and National Security in Uncertain Times   [open pdf - 83KB]

Among the many effects of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11 has been a vigorous debate about certain civil liberties. Should suspected terrorists be treated differently from other suspects in court? Should the activities and whereabouts of noncitizens in the United States be regulated more strictly? Should we begin to require national identity cards? Several of these issues have gone beyond the stage of discussion, as suspected terrorists have been detained and brought to trial and as new legislation is passed and old legislation reinterpreted to permit stricter scrutiny of communications and financial transactions. Issues and concerns include: the government's actions under the United States Patriot Act; the government's aggressive use of laws that currently exist to detain in prison possible terrorists and those suspected of aiding them or of having useful information about them; and trials against suspected terrorists.

Author:Blitz, Mark
Publisher:United States. Department of State
Copyright:Public Domain
Media Type:application/pdf
Source:September 11: One year Later: A Special Electronic Journal of the U.S. Department of State, September 2002, p. 19-21
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