Disaster Operations: A Handbook for Local Governments   [open pdf - 12MB]

"This handbook can serve as a planning and operations guide for officials of local government who may be confronted with various types of peacetime as well as attack-caused emergencies. The handbook may also serve as a guide for local leaders who are not members of local governments, such as labor leaders, industrial plant superintendents, and Red Cross Chapter officials. 'This handbook is intended primarily for smaller municipalities and counties, and includes checklists pertaining to a number of specific types of emergencies and disasters that could confront such communities. It should be recognized, however, that the checklists are not aired at professionals. For example, the forest-fire checklist is not for professional foresters or firefighters, but is rather intended for mayors and other officials of smaller communities that could be threatened by a forest fire. While the primary audience for this handbook is the smaller city or county, the checklists contain material that can be useful to civil defense directors and other officials in larger communities in developing the more complex plans that are needed in the larger jurisdiction. The guidance in this handbook is basic and brief. The purpose is to assist local officials in preparing their own flexible plan for actions to be taken by government and by citizens when disaster threatens or strikes. A community prepared to cope with peacetime disasters is that much better prepared to cope with the effects of enemy attack."

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