Federal Civil Defense Administration Annual Report for 1954   [open pdf - 23MB]

"Many significant things which affect civil defense have happened in the world in the year since the Federal Civil Defense Administration last reported to the President and the Congress of the United States on our Nation's civil defense. This is a report on the state of civil defense readiness of the Nation. It is not a report on the Federal Civil Defense Administration alone but rather a summary of the evidence that we at FCDA have of the progress and deficiencies of civil defense at all levels. While we are all justified in looking back over the past year and checking off some solid accomplishments, we should not mistake the progress that has been made for the completion of the job of civil defense. We have a long difficult road to travel, perhaps longer and more difficult than could have been anticipated at the beginning of the year, before we can feel confident that our civil defense is adequate. Here are a few accomplishments of 1954, in no particular order of importance: We staged the first continental alert in history. This was one of the finest examples of teamwork on the part of local, State, and Federal people, together with our friends north of the border, that I know of. The Washington Conference of Governors, followed by one for the Mayors in December, produced an awareness of civil defense problems among the State and municipal leaders of America and support for our objectives greater than we have ever before enjoyed."

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