Federal Civil Defense Administration Annual Report for 1956   [open pdf - 6MB]

"Fiscal year 1956 was a year of considerable progress for the Federal Civil Defense Administration. Reports on the accomplishments and progress of our various services and in our many fields of activity are detailed in the body of this annual report and I will make no attempt to summarize them in this brief foreword. Rather, I prefer to devote this space to a discussion of a different kind of development and progress, and a look into our needs of the future. It was clear at the close of fiscal year 1956 that civil defense had won greater acceptance. Americans appeared to have recognized that civil defense has become a permanent part of our way of life. Even more important, there appeared to be agreement that it was necessary to improve civil defense, as an indispensable and urgently needed defensive weapon in the event this Nation should ever be attacked, and as a force, which if known to be capable of fulfilling its assigned task, would deter a potential aggressor from risking an attack. Development of new and more destructive weapons was accompanied by recognition of the need for an updating-a modernization-of the Federal Civil Defense Law which ,was written before the advent of the hydrogen bomb, and before the intercontinental ballistic missile loomed on the horizon."

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