Civil Defense for National Security   [open pdf - 29MB]

"In accordance with the terms of your Directive creating the Office of Civil Defense Planning, dated March 27, 1948, I submit to you herewith a National, Regional, State and Community plan for civil defense for national security. It is the purpose of this report to recommend for adoption a permanent peacetime system of civil defense which will round out our defense structure and which, in the event of an emergency, can be quickly and easily expanded to meet the exigencies of a given situation. Such an organization can also be of great value in support of existing agencies in meeting devastating peacetime disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, explosions and similar catastrophes. In the event of a future war, which might come to our shores, all of the people, all of the facilities and all of the skills and energies of the nation must be utilized to the fullest extent. To successfully carry out this program will require the cooperation of every man, woman and child in this nation. It is on such principles that civil defense must be erected and it must be with such a requirement that its organization be perfected. We hope that the Civil Defense Organization will never need to operate for war, but we dare not gamble on that hope. We who have studied the problem feel a great need for prompt action in establishing such an organization. To be without it leaves us in a most vulnerable position."

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