Office of Emergency Preparedness, Report to the Congress: Volume One: Disaster Preparedness   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The report reflects a comprehensive study of the types of major natural disasters experienced in the United States and offers findings and potential solutions to prevent or minimize the loss of life and damage to property. In the preparation of the study, careful consideration has been given to the views of Federal agencies, State and local governments, professional and trade associations, research and academic institutions, private volunteer organizations, and individual experts. The final analysis and findings, however, were developed independently by an Office of Emergency Preparedness Disaster Study Group under my direction. The main thrust of this report points to the need for improvement in disaster preparedness at all levels. The findings contain potential initiatives for moving further toward an improved, concerted national disaster preparedness program. I commend them to the attention of the Congress; however, they should not be viewed as specific proposals for legislation or funds. I am providing the report to all Federal agencies having an interest in the findings, with a request that each agency consider those pertinent to its responsibilities in the preparation of present and future programs. I have requested that these agencies keep my office informed of actions related to the findings, so that we may have a systematic record of progress in the field of disaster preparedness."

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