Balance of Power that Favors Freedom   [open pdf - 61KB]

"President Bush's new National Security Strategy offers a bold vision for protecting our nation that captures today's new realities and new opportunities," says National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. "It calls on America to use our position of unparalleled strength and influence to create a balance of power that favors freedom. As the president says in the cover letter: we seek to create the conditions in which all nations and all societies can chose for themselves the rewards and challenges of political and economic liberty'." Because of our own history, the United States knows we must be patient -- and humble. Change -- even if it is for the better -- is often difficult. And progress is sometimes slow. America has not always lived up to our own high standards. When the Founding Fathers said, "We, the people," they didn't mean me. Democracy is hard work. And 226 years later, we are still practicing each day to get it right. We have the ability to forge a 21st century that lives up to our hopes and not down to our fears. But only if we go about our work with purpose and clarity. Only if we are unwavering in our refusal to live in a world governed by terror and chaos. Only if we are unwilling to ignore growing dangers from aggressive tyrants and deadly technologies. And only if we are persistent and patient in exercising our influence in the service of our ideals, and not just ourselves.

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U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda: An Electronic Journal of the U.S. Department of State, v.7, no.4, p. 5-9
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