2009 National Prescription Drug Threat Assessment   [open pdf - 15MB]

"The National Prescription Drug Threat Assessment 2009 (NPDTA 09) is a collaborative effort between NDIC [National Drug Intelligence Center] and DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration] to assess the threat posed by the distribution, diversion, and abuse of CPDs [controlled prescription drugs] in the United States. This assessment draws upon the National Drug Threat Assessment 2009; NDTS data collected by NDIC; regional drug intelligence products prepared by NDIC; open-source information; public- and private-sector research; reporting from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies; and state-level treatment data. DEA's 21 Domestic Field Divisions assessed the CPD situation in their areas and provided reports that contributed significantly to this assessment. The NPDTA 09 examines and evaluates the principal issues and recent developments pertaining to the diversion and abuse of CPDs; it also updates data and analysis published in the NDIC November 2004 Pharmaceuticals Threat Assessment, Product No. 2004-L0487-001. The NPDTA 09 focuses primarily on domestic diversion of CPDs and does not discuss the abuse of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals such as dextromethorphan; non-CPDs such as carisoprodol (Soma); illicitly produced amphetamine, methamphetamine, and fentanyl; or controlled prescription and illicitly produced anabolic steroids."

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