At Home in the Woods: Lessons Learned in the Wildland/Urban Interface   [open pdf - 40MB]

"FEMA developed this initiative as a way to document some of the best, most innovative fire mitigation practices currently underway in the wild land/urban interface. We visited several states in the interior West and talked to people from all walks of life. What follows are their stories, with a focus on challenges faced, obstacles overcome and lessons learned. By showing specific instances where people are working together to pursue meaningful change, our goal is to inspire others to do the same. The individuals featured in these stories share a desire to lessen wildfire threats in their communities, but they also share the knowledge that progress often comes slowly. For every success there is a setback, and for every satisfying end there is a humble beginning. [...]. While there are no one-size-fits-all prescriptions for wildfire safety, successful mitigation efforts share common elements: reaching across jurisdictional lines, building community support, accepting personal responsibility, and maintaining sufficient reserves of flexibility, creativity and patience."

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