Fire Information Requirements for Civil Defense Command and Control   [open pdf - 8MB]

"By assuming a hypothetical nuclear attack on various targets in the United States, including two in the vicinity of San Francisco, elements of civil defense operations requiring transattack and postattack fire information are identified. Through the assessment of probable types of fire operations within the framework of the assumed attack, the types and volume of fire information at the local level are summarized. It is concluded that less information, of a more general nature, is needed at the State, Regional, and Federal levels. […] The local-level civil defense organization rather than the state or national level, is the civil defense level concerned with transattack and immediate postattack fire operations. Ideally, the Emergency Operating Centers (EOC's) Will receive fire information by monitoring the Fire Department radio channels, thus permitting accomplishment of two functions support of fire-control operations and coordination of other emergency operations (e.g., treatment of casualties and shelter evacuation) in which fire conditions must be taken into account. State, Regional, and Federal civil defense levels have postattack damage-assessment missions which will not require early or detailed tire information. Mutual-aid measures (from community to community) will probably not be effective because of the magnitude of a nuclear attack."

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