National Drug Control Strategy: FY 2004 Budget Summary (February 2003)   [open pdf - 486KB]

The President's FY 2004 Budget provides the necessary resources to reduce drug use in enforcement activities. The budget includes funding for each of the Strategy's principal priorities. Critical support continues for Priority I of the Strategy - Stopping Drug Use Before it starts. Resources are provided to help teach young people how to avoid drug use. In addition, significant new funding also is provided for Priority II of the Strategy - Healing America's Drug Users. This priority emphasizes the crucial need for family, friends, and people with shared experiences to interceded with and support those fighting to overcome substance abuse. Drug users also need the support of institutions and the people who run them - employers, law enforcement agencies, faith communities, and health care providers - to help identify them as drug users and direct those who need it into drug treatment. The budget strongly reinforces these efforts. Further, Priority III of the Strategy, Disrupting the Market, addresses the drug trade as a business. Every action that makes this business more costly and less profitable is a step toward "breaking" the market. The budget emphasizes this approach through key enhancements to federal law

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