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"In Civil Defense, research is a support activity of the building system; its function is to provide support to other activities of the building system. Research itself is a system and its analysis for programming and reporting can be aided by applying the methods of systems analysis. Analytic frameworks, methods, and graphic aids are presented and demonstrated. […] Research in civil defense is a support activity. Its product is information. Its information product is intended to help those others in civil defense who analyze, plan, program, decide, design, procure, train, and so on. So the research job is twofold: to produce information and to insure that its product will be as helpful as possible to fit the needs of those who use it. Given funds and authority, producing information from research is relatively simple. Producing information that is as usable as possible to fill the needs of the other activities of civil defense is far from simple. To say that civil defense is an extremely complex thing has become trite through repetition. Unfortunately, it is also true. And this complexity poses a difficult problem for a research program that is intended to obtain maximum effectiveness. The principal problems for civil defense are those associated with nuclear war. And nuclear war is new; nuclear weaponry is only twenty years old. By contrast, at Trafalgar Nelson's ship, HMS VICTORY, was forty years old. In the twenty years of nuclear weaponry, technological progress has been rapid; weapon yields have increased a thousandfold."

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OCD Research Report No. 11
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