Office of Policy & Program Analysis Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2009 - 2013   [open pdf - 624KB]

"The Office of Policy and Program Analysis (OPPA) is entrusted with guiding and coordinating the policies, strategic planning, and analysis of the programs in FEMA, and operates under the direction of the Administrator. The office also plays a key part in coordinating the roles and responsibilities and missions and functions of FEMA's components. The functions within OPPA have for many years, decades in fact, been scattered throughout the agency until recently. Several attempts at putting some of these pieces in place have met with moderate success, but had not fully taken root within the agency's culture and business procedures. Since its formation in 2006, OPPA has been developing the building blocks of true integration of policy development, review, and implementation; comprehensive agency and component strategic planning; full scope investment review and programmatic analysis; and, transformation management. These institutional business practices are vital to FEMA continually improving how it does its business. This effort has just begun and needs to be strengthened in the coming years. This Strategic Plan sets forth the vision that OPPA expects to realize in the coming years. The goals, objectives and strategies for each OPPA component provide the roadmap for us to work together, and with the agency as a whole, to achieve our vision--and ultimately, to help FEMA achieve its vision as The Nation's Preeminent Emergency Management and Preparedness Agency."

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