National Drug Control Strategy: 2001 Annual Report   [open pdf - 5MB]

Prior to 1999, Congress required the Administration to submit a National Drug Control Strategy each year. The most recent Strategy was submitted in February 1999. Public Law 105-277 now requires the president to submit an Annual Report to Congress on the progress made in implementing the Strategy.* An initial Annual Report was submitted in February 2000. General reporting requirements of the Annual Report include: 1. Assessment of federal success in achieving National Drug Control Strategy goals and objectives (using the Strategy's Performance Measures of Effectiveness system). This analysis includes an assessment of drug abuse and availability in the United States as well as prevention, treatment, law enforcement, interdiction, and international programs. 2. Modifications during the preceding year of the National Drug Control Strategy or national drug control performance measurement system. 3. Explanation of how the Administration's budget proposal is intended to implement the National Drug Control Strategy. 4. Measurable data from the annual performance measures. 5. An assessment of private-sector initiatives and cooperative efforts dealing with drug control among federal, state, and local governments.

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