London Regional Resilience Flu Pandemic Response Plan: Special Arrangements for Dealing with Pandemic Influenza in London [Version 4]   [open pdf - 1MB]

Alternate Title: Special Arrangements for Dealing with Pandemic Influenza in London

"The Government judges that one of the highest current risks to the UK is the possible emergence of a human influenza pandemic--that is, the rapid worldwide spread of influenza caused by a novel virus to which people would have no immunity, resulting in serious harm to human health, and wider social and economic damage and disruption. In 2005, the Cabinet Office required Regional Resilience Forums to oversee the development of individual and multi-agency resilience and response plans for a potential influenza pandemic. The London Regional Resilience Flu Pandemic Response Plan was first approved at the May 2006 meeting of the London Regional Resilience Forum (LRRF)." Two later versions of the plan incorporated lessons learned during Exercise Winter Willow, "the largest ever civil contingency exercise to have been conducted in the UK," and recommendations and guidance from the Department of Health (DH) and Cabinet Office (CO). Version 4 of the London Regional Resilience Flu Pandemic Response Plan "follows a national review of multi-agency pandemic planning undertaken by the Cabinet Office in early 2008, and incorporates the recommendations of that review. It aims to provide the agencies that make up the London Resilience Partnership with a strategic framework to support their integrated preparedness and response to pandemic influenza. This document will inform and support the development of local and organisational responses that are appropriate to local circumstances and sufficiently consistent to ensure a robust regional response to pandemic influenza. The document summarises key plans, guidance and procedures to allow a comprehensive overview of London's co-ordinated planning and response arrangements for human pandemic influenza."

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