Preparing for Pandemic Influenza in Louisiana: A report presented to the Louisiana Legislature Senate Committee on Health and Welfare and the House Committee on Health and Welfare in response to SCR 32 of the 2006 Regular Legislative Session   [open pdf - 605KB]

"The world is now under a new threat of an influenza pandemic. […]. Scientists have documented that 'if the virus develops the capacity for sustained, efficient, human-to-human transmission, it could spread quickly around the globe.' On November 1, 2005, the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza was released at the Federal level as a tool to prepare the United States for pandemic influenza. The plan 'underscores the critical roles that State, local, and tribal authorities, the private sector, and communities must play to address the threat of a pandemic, and the concrete steps that individuals can and should take to protect themselves and their families.' By virtue of its role in public health care, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals is statutorily charged with the protection and promotion of health for Louisiana residents and visitors. The mission of DHH is to protect and promote health and to ensure access to medical, preventive, and rehabilitative services for all citizens of the State of Louisiana. Planning for an influenza pandemic is a high priority initiative for Louisiana, to educate its communities about pandemic influenza, information sharing, transferring of knowledge and partnership building. For almost nine years, the state has had a Statewide Draft Pandemic Influenza Plan in place. Recently that plan has undergone a department-wide review and has now been released to the public for review."

Louisiana. Dept. of Health and Hospitals. Office of Public Health
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