Overview of the CARVER Plus Shock Method for Food Sector Vulnerability Assessments   [open pdf - 212KB]

Alternate Title: Overview of the Criticality Accessibility Recuperability Vulnerability Effect Recognizability Plus Shock Method for Food Sector Vulnerability Assessments

"The CARVER plus Shock method is an offensive targeting prioritization tool that has been adapted for use in the food sector. This tool can be used to assess the vulnerabilities within a system or infrastructure to an attack. It allows you to think like an attacker by identifying the most attractive targets for attack. By conducting such a vulnerability assessment and determining the most vulnerable points in your infrastructure, you can then focus your resources on protecting your most vulnerable points. CARVER is an acronym for the following six attributes (discussed in further detail later) used to evaluate the attractiveness of a target for attack: Criticality -- measure of public health and economic impacts of an attack. Accessibility -- ability to physically access and egress from target. Recuperability -- ability of system to recover from an attack. Vulnerability -- ease of accomplishing attack. Effect -- amount of direct loss from an attack as measured by loss in production. Recognizability -- ease of identifying target. In addition, the modified CARVER tool evaluates a seventh attribute, the combined health, economic, and psychological impacts of an attack, or the SHOCK attributes of a target."

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