National Guard 2007 Posture Statement   [open pdf - 3MB]

Alternate Title: 2007 National Guard Posture Statement

"The National Guard has undergone a total transformation in the past few years. The once ponderous Cold War strategic reserve transformed itself into an agile, lethal operational force capable of joint and expeditionary warfare - a uniquely flexible force simultaneously capable of responding to a broad range of civil and humanitarian crises." "In August 2005, with more than 80,000 troops already mobilized for the global war on terror and faced with Katrina, a catastrophic hurricane, the Gulf Coast governors called upon the Guard. The Guard, the nation's preeminent military domestic response force, fulfilled our commitment to the governors and our neighbors. In spite of a massive wartime mobilization, the Guard mobilized and deployed the largest domestic response force in history. [...] The Guard serves our nation and communities across the full spectrum of domestic and warfighting missions. We fight narco-terrorism through our counterdrug programs. We work with our nation's youth through programs like StarBase and ChalleNGe to ensure they have a brighter future. We stand guard over America's critical physical and cyber infrastructure. Our Airmen fly the vast majority of air sovereignty missions over America's cities, while our Soldiers man air defense batteries in the nation's capital and the nation's sole ballistic missile interceptor site in Alaska. We conduct peacekeeping operations in Kosovo and the Sinai, stand watch aboard military cargo ships as they transit the Persian Gulf, guard prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, and train the Iraqi and Afghan national armies."

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