National Guard 2008 Posture Statement   [open pdf - 3KB]

Alternate Title: 2008 National Guard Posture Statement

September 11, 2001 "marked the beginning of a no-notice transformation of the National Guard, as our nation entered a new era - an era marked by suicide bombers, radical terrorists and a global threat very different than anything seen before. For the minutemen and women of the National Guard, it was a call to arms, and they have been answering that call to support and defend America and its freedoms and our very way of life every day since. [...] We had to recognize that our demonstrated ability to immediately respond, deploy and employ our forces on the home front for 370 years needed to grow to include the same capability in our federal missions. September 11, 2001 marked the birth of the full-spectrum, global Minuteman. Full spectrum readiness means homeland defense in depth. The historic and traditional Guard homeland defense mission had taken on a global importance while remaining the very foundation of American freedom. The Guard had to expand its readiness, agility and accessibility portfolios to include operations across the full spectrum of engagements. [...] In just the last five years, the Guard has conducted a staggeringly diverse set of missions--from traditional state missions like military support to civil law enforcement and supporting civil agencies in local crisis and consequence management, to national-level missions like providing regional consequence management capabilities, conducting counter-narcotics missions, airport, border, and critical infrastructure security, to air sovereignty and ballistic missile defense of the homeland."

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