Maritime Strategy for Homeland Security   [open pdf - 630KB]

The U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Homeland Security Strategy links the objectives of the National Security Strategy and the National Strategy for Homeland Security to the U.S. Maritime Domain and serves as a capstone document for Coast Guard homeland security operations. The strategy articulated in this document describes how Coast Guard forces will achieve the national objectives for homeland security. The United States National Security Strategy has shifted focus from traditional concepts of deterrence which dominated defense policies during the Cold War to a forward-reaching, pre-emptive strategy against hostile states and terrorist groups. The purpose of the National Strategy for Homeland Security is to mobilize and organize our Nation to secure the U.S. homeland from terrorist attacks. It provides direction and a framework for action to the federal government departments and agencies that have a role in homeland security. This Maritime Strategy follows the direction of both higher level strategies while acknowledging the uniqueness of the U.S. Maritime Domain, including the complexity associated with shared use of the oceans and waterways, long-standing international respect for freedom of navigation, and the transitional seams among America's air, land, sea, and subsurface borders.

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