Strategic Communication Science and Technology Plan: Current Activities, Capability Gaps, and Areas for Further Investment   [open pdf - 547KB]

"Strategic Communication (SC) and Public Diplomacy (PD) are now receiving increasing attention and support across the US government. Programs to understand, inform, engage and influence the attitudes and behavior of foreign opinion leaders and publics generally reside within the State Department and, until 1999, the United States Information Agency. But these efforts are enhanced by complementary programs, skills, capabilities, and resources residing in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Combatant Commands, US Agency for International Development, US Army Corps of Engineers, and numerous industry and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). A broad set of information-based initiatives, projects and activities are underway that while separately managed and executed, can collectively comprise a nascent Strategic Communication portfolio for the US government. These efforts are being carried out today at the strategic, operational and tactical levels and in all corners of the globe. […] This plan meets the congressional NDAA direction and describes current efforts within the Department of Defense, the military services, the combatant commands and other agencies on SC. In total, these efforts could be linked together to form the foundation of an S&T thrust for strategic communication. The report also includes a macro-analysis of capability gaps that are not being addressed by ongoing initiatives and lays out potential areas for future S&T investment."

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