Dystopia: Where Bad Things Happen   [open html - 15KB]

This Center for Homeland Defense and Security Webpage contains "a fictional world created for homeland defense and security educational exercises. Dystopia is a rich detailed fictional world that is continually being developed and extended with people and places for the purpose of supporting strategic planning and functional exercises and educational simulations for homeland defense and security. […]. Dystopia itself is a standalone product. It is a collection of geospecific and meta data that creates a robust, deep virtual environment in which exercises, games and scenarios can be created. This collection of data includes spatial information, 2D map products, and a database of metadata about the people and places located in this world. Dystopia, by itself, is not a game or exercise - instead, it provides a context for those types of learning activities. It must be embedded into an application or interface that contains game logic or exercise rules. It also can be used for tabletop or other live exercises that do not use software, but impose rules explicitly and use the electronic viewing and searching products of Dystopia for efficiency.

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