Proceedings of the 1st Army Installation Energy Security and Independence Conference   [open pdf - 921KB]

"This report is about energy security … for mission accomplishment. Is energy security assured by backup generator sets dedicated to individual buildings that are pre-identified as critical assets - with fuel for 3-5 days? Suppose a utility power grid outage occurs. Today it is impossible to locally wheel power from dispersed individual onsite fossil-fueled or renewable power sources to facilities or other power loads … anywhere at any time. Each power source is stranded; powering only one load. Relocating generator sets and engineering their electrical connections to other power loads are not speedy or trivial tasks. There are many mission aspects that go unpowered in a blackout because Army cannot afford backup generator sets for every building, training range, sewer treatment plant, warehouse, motor pool, etc. Even if everything has dedicated backup generators, experience shows that 50 percent will not operate right anyway … and they will run out of gas after 3-5 days. Mission priorities are dynamic; power outages are unpredictable. Commanders must have the ability to wheel dispersed and finite on-installation power anywhere at anytime and to allocate stored fuels for extended outages. A new vision of energy security is needed for the asymmetrical threats and dynamics of the GWOT era."

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