Critical Federal Infrastructure Program Project Matrix   [open powerpoint - 298KB]

The Critical Federal Infrastructure Program Project Matrix assists civilian federal departments and agencies to analyze their dependencies on critical infrastructures. The objective is to provide information those departments and agencies need as a basis for their efforts to ensure that they will continue to be able to deliver services essential to the nation's security and economy and the health and safety of its citizens, notwithstanding natural catastrophes and cyber or physical attacks. Project Matrix identifies the federal government's critical responsibilities to the nation that are deemed "critical" because their incapacitation could jeopardize the nation's security, seriously disrupt the functioning of the national economy, or adversely affect the health or safety of large segments of the American public, and determines the infrastructure of assets and transportation/transmission links essential to meet those responsibilities. For more information, see the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Office of Planning and Partnerships) website regarding Project Matrix: http://www.ciao.gov/federal/index.html.

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